Cycling Made in Italy

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Italian Bike Tours Perfect for YOU!


Professionally Guided Tours

Custom-Tour-StarburstProfessionally-Guided is for you, if...

  • You Need flexibility in your dates!

Choose any week, starting and ending Saturday, May through September.

  • You Would like to do more than just cycling!

Attend concerts, local festivals and personalize your experience with us

  • You Don't want to hassle with details, maps, and too many options!

Just relax and have a great time, we take care of all the details so you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest.


StepbyStepBuild Your Tour "Step by Step" StepbyStep

Excursion Tours

An Excursion is for you, if...


  • You want to explore different parts of Italy and do an itinerant bike tour!

We take you to the Dolomites, Tuscany and Piedmont or do special theme tours in Veneto.


  • You want to have knowledgeable ride + cultural leaders to escort you

For safety, logistical support and unparalleled insight into the history and heritage of the area. Your Italian connection will treat you like an ambassador.


  • You don't have time to make all of the arrangements and study before your trip!

Studying Google maps and the trip advisor are great resources but there's nothing like experience and professional guidance. It's worth it.


StepbyStepBuild Your Tour "Step by Step"StepbyStep

Self-Guided Tours

Self-Guided is for you, if…


  • You are you adventurous and prefer to travel at your own pace!

With a bicycle, ride suggestions and fascinating countryside, do it yourself and save.


  • You like to stop for photos, slow down to observe your surroundings and contemplate!

Riding alone gives you the freedom to dictate your own itinerary and change your mind.


  • You want to meet people and learn more about Italians, the language, culture and history on your own!

Sign up for language lessons and meal coupons. Friendly locals treat you like family. Small village life is wonderful.


StepbyStepBuild Your Tour "Step by Step"!StepbyStep

Self-Guided Tours

Cycling Mad In Italy makes it easy for you to explor on your own

An Economical way to Stay and Explore

  • Browse the accommodations
  • Select your dates
    and preferences
  • Request availability
    for accommodations
  • Print out booking information
Professionally Guided

Cycling Mad In Italy makes it easy for you to explor on your own

Immerse yourself, local ride leaders

  • Check calendar of events
  • Select Dates
  • All included, standard week
  • Great hybrid or Carbon Fiber bikes bikes
  • Customized daily itineraries, small groups
Dolomite Legends

DestSS ValparolaPass266x200

Take a trip with us and customize your own!

  • Arrival in Venice
  • Transfer to Bassano
  • Ride river valleys to and from the Dolomites
  • Stay in Corvara 3 nights
  • Accommodations,
  • Carbon fiber bike
  • 2 meals/day